wan cobra

Wan Cushion Enterprise provide service repair/renew cushion & interior vehicles such as cars, vans, buss, trucks, and boats. Besides, we also offer repair/renew the sofa set /teak, carved chairs and furniture were damaged. These services include conversion of fabric, leather, pu, pvc, spray flash (varnish) and change color.

    We are also specialists and skilled in design sets and sofa to suit the requirements of customers who prefer the abnormality.


    WCE received orders sewing cushion vehicles, sewing cushion sofa set / teak, carved chairs. For repair and exchange, service based on trends and patterns of fabric required by the customer.


    Sponge already destroyed, cushion covers are dirty and the color to fade. Restoring the sofa is the best way to save money than buying new. Moreover, if the structure is still strong and solid frame. The best step is to repair or upholster a sofa, such as changing the couch and gave a new image. So to avoid waste, send to the WCE, and we will help you.